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Triggering Emails on Job Status Changes
Triggering Emails on Job Status Changes

When the status of a job is changed, you can trigger an email to be sent to the team and/or your customer.

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To start, click on the little orange gear icon ⚙️ in the upper right corner of your page.

Click the Settings button at the top of the dropdown menu.

On the Settings page, from the top horizontal menu, click Email & SMS

Since this will be a triggered email, open the 'Triggered email' tab under 'Message templates, SMS & Email'. Select Triggered Email in the left panel.

Click the '+ Add triggered message' to create a new email template.

Creating a 'New Custom Message'

Under the 'This message is triggered by' heading, select 'Job saved with status'. Complete the other details and select 'Create' to save the email.

Note:  We use {placeholder} values to auto-populate the details in the message from the Customer or Job.  You will need to be comfortable in selecting the correct placeholder that is relevant to what the message is saying.


Type out each message in a word document so you can get all the wording finalized using the placeholders and what customer or job data you want.  You can then paste in to the Body section and then locate the correct placeholder to copy/paste in to the correct spot.

An eMail Example

If you want to send Schedulers and Technicians an email on changes to the status of a job, below is a sample email trigger could look like.

With this email, the scheduler who updates the job sends an email to technicians and units about a job status change. This might be useful if a job is changed to 'Incomplete' and other team members need to be notified.

Subject: {company-name} Job Change Report

Who sends the email: First job technician ordered by name

This message is triggered by: Job saved with status

Job status: Incomplete

Who receives the message: Technicians and units



This email is to inform you that {job-number} for {company-name} has been changed.

The status of the job is now {job-status}.

Please contact {sender-first-name} if you have any questions.

Thank you,

What's Next?

Try setting up a few triggered emails for job status changes. A few options are: 

  • sending customers a confirmation when jobs are scheduled

  • sending customers an email when jobs are completed, 

  • sending customers an email an invoice is created for a job,

  • sending technicians an email when a job is canceled.

To send more than one group of people an email, create the same trigger with the new group. So for example, if you want to send an email when a job is canceled to Customers and Schedulers create two triggered emails: one that goes to each group.


You can also set-up Triggered SMS messages (note; charges per part SMS will be incurred and keep character limits in mind when configuring these).

SMS messages that can be sent to Technician, Customer or Schedulers.  Simply click on the Triggered SMS tab in 'Email & SMS' tab of Settings and follow the same process as configuring a triggered email.  


Have a think about what you might want to send as a triggered email vs a triggered SMS.  
I.e keep triggered SMS for urgent notifications that need immediate attention (ie cancelled jobs, change of priority on a job etc) as you want those to get the Technician (or advise the Scheduler or Customer) immediately rather than relying on an email to be received / read.

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