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Updating Jobs: Rescheduling, Changing Technicians & More
Updating Jobs: Rescheduling, Changing Technicians & More

For those times when you need to change customers, change technicians, or update jobs.

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Any job created in FieldInsight can be updated if needed. Here's how to make the changes you need. The quickest way to access editing a job is from the jobs list. Click 'Jobs' in the main menu of your account and from the dropdown menu choose the type of jobs you want to open.

1. Click 'Edit' under the Job you want to Change

2. Edit the Job details, click 'Save & close'.

Common Edits You Might Want to Make

From the editing page in FieldInsight, you can update the date and time for the job, change the technician, change the customer, or change the job type.

If you created a job without a customer, for example, here you can add a customer to the job. Just above the box that says 'Site Customer', look for 'Change customer'. Here's where you can update the customer for jobs.

You can also change technicians for a job. On the edit job screen, look for the drop down menu under 'Technicians' and choose the new technician for the job.

Two Ways to Reschedule a Job

When editing a job, you can change the date and job start and end times under the 'Job' tab.

You can quickly reschedule a job by clicking the 'Reschedule' button. This button is displayed on all jobs -- you don't have to click 'Edit' to reschedule a job, just scroll down and look for the button beside 'Save & close'!

FieldInsight will open the calendar where you can pick a new date and time for the job. Once you select the new date and time, it will automatically be saved to the job.

Because the main jobs screen orders jobs by scheduled date, if you change the date of a job, it might change where it shows up in your jobs list.

PRO TIP: Don't forget to save! Remember to click the 'Save & close' button at the bottom of the edit screen to keep your changes.

Changing the Status of Multiple Jobs

If you need to change the status of multiple jobs, go to the main jobs screen (by clicking 'Jobs' in the main menu, and choosing the type of jobs you want to see).

Check the box beside the jobs you want to edit. Then click the 'Change status' button above the jobs list.

What's Next?

Your customers and technicians might need to know of changes made to the jobs. Use the email and text features inside FieldInsight to let everyone know! Click here to learn more.

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