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Navigating the FieldInsight App
Navigating the FieldInsight App

A short article on how to make your way around the FieldInsight app to complete and update jobs.

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The first screen you'll see after entering logging into FieldInsight will show you an overview of your schedule. A star will appear beside the current day.

Click the three line button (called a 'menu icon') at the top of the app to open the main app menu.

This menu will give you quick access to your daily schedule, all the jobs you've completed and that will be on your schedule and local settings.

If you were to go into the 'All Jobs' section, for example, an arrow will show up at the top that you can click to get back to the main screen.

You can also click the menu icon to go back to the main screen, just click 'Home'.

On the home screen, if you want to go forward or back to the previous or next week, click the ' < Prev ' and ' Next > ' links at the top.

What's Next?

Take a look at some of the other features in the main menu and check out scheduled jobs!

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