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The Map: Tracking Your Team

With the FieldInsight map, you never have to wonder where your team is.

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Once your team members login to  FieldInsight on their mobile device, you'll be able to see where they are and automatically get updates on jobs using FieldInsight's Map and GPS features.

Enable GPS Tracking

Before you can track your staff using the FieldInsight map, you have to enable GPS tracking for your account.

Click 'Settings' in the app menu on the right.

Open the 'Misc' tab.

Scroll down and check the box beside 'GPS Tracking' to enable the feature.

Check the Enable mobile tracking to track your technicians while they are using the app. The technicians also need to allow tracking in the web browser. 

Technicians must accept to share the location for the tracking to work

The FieldInsight App Map

Click  Map in the main menu and select the option you want to see. 

  • Now shows the last known location for your technicians

  • Jobs displays your jobs on a map for the selected day

  • Track see where your technicians have been 

  • Alerts - this is only for physical GPS trackers. To find out more about the physical GPS trackers contact support by clicking on the chat message icon in the bottom right hands corner.

Map - Now

The car icon is the last recorded location of the worker and the house icon is the home address as entered on the staff page. The A indicates that this worker is an Administrator for the account.

Map - Jobs

The defaults view is for today, but you can change it to see jobs for any date. You can also filter the jobs by technician, status, job type, region and scheduled or unscheduled job. Click on a job icon to see the details for that job.

Map - Track

The track tab show the last recorded locations and events for the selected day and  technical. The location is only recored while using the app and if the technician choose to share the location. 

For better accuracy and a snail trail where your technicians have been through the day - even when not using the app, sign up for the physical GPS tracker, contact us on the chat below or email for more information.

What's Next?

Find out what happens when technicians complete jobs and add an invoice to a job (if you haven't already).

You'll also want to make sure your technicians and staff know how to use FieldInsight. Send them this link so they can get familiar right away: The FieldInsight App.

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