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Add a Logo and Customize Your Account
Add a Logo and Customize Your Account

Change currency, add your logo and change technician permissions

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*Hint: All of these options can be updated in the 'Settings' section of your FieldInsight account!

Allowing Technicians to Send Invoices

When a Technician starts a job, they can set a timer to track when they start and stop working at the customer's location.

If you set the option in your account, once the Technician completes the work, they can send an invoice directly to the client via email.

Open 'Settings' in your account (in the menu on the right).

Go to the 'Misc' tab in your account, and scroll down to 'Sales documents'.

Check the boxes beside the options you'd like to allow for Technicians. You can allow Technicians to create and send Reports, Invoices, Purchase Orders, and Quotes.

To add a logo to invoices, open your account settings by clicking 'Settings' in the right side menu in your account.

Open the 'Templates' tab to change the options for your invoices.

Under the Invoices tab click the "Add template" button to create an invoice template or click on the name to edit and existing template

The 'Upload Your Logo' section should be near the top. Click the 'Choose File' button to find and upload the file for your logo for invoices created from your account. This should be an image file, in JPEG or PNG format.

Click "Save" bottom at the bottom.

For Printing Jobs (Job Print)

You can add a company logo to FieldInsight that will show up if and when jobs are printed from your account.

To access this option, click the 'Job print' tab under 'Settings'.

You can upload the same logo file here. Now when jobs are printed your company logo will show up on the file.

Updating Currency and Tax Rates

To update the currency and tax rate for your invoices, open the 'Settings' link in the right side menu in your account.

Open the 'Misc' tab.

Scroll down to the 'Inventory' heading. Underneath that section will be a few fields: Tax Rate %, Currency (a drop down menu) and Tax Label.

The 'Tax Rate %' field will take number values with a percent symbol ('%').

What's Next?

Other types of customizations you might want to make:

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