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How to navigate around FieldInsight's main menu
How to navigate around FieldInsight's main menu

Feeling daunted to what all the buttons are? This help document will take you through step by step how to find your way around.

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When you login to FieldInsight for the first time, it can be pretty daunting as the software is new to you and you just to know where things are.

Your first step in getting acquainted with your FieldInsight account is reviewing your account dashboard (no worries -- it's pretty simple).


The left hand-side Menu covers the main areas of functionality. These can be accessed at any time from where-ever you are inside FieldInsight.

To get back to your main calendar view click on the Schedule tab and you will be taken back to the main calendar.

FieldInsight has a handy To-dos feature that allows you to track office tasks. No more sticky notes around your computer.

On the far Right hand side is Job Search, Notifications, Mobile App and Settings.

Job Search

If you enter customer name or job number in the search field and press enter, matched results will appear.


The bell icon shows the recent software updates.

Mobile App

Mobile App will open the App view for the Technician view.  Note:  this will only occur if your role is both Scheduler and Technician.

Main Menu Items - High level overview


Includes Account customers, Sites (customers), Contacts, Assets, Projects and Supplier groupings.


 You can access All jobs (anchored to todays date) 


Give you the ability to view jobs, technicians and complete tracking events (GPS).


These built in reports are handy to track many aspects of your business


Managed your Product, Services and Expense items that can be included on Quotes and Invoices.


Create invoices, quotes, purchase order, reports, bills or run the performance report.  


Manage customers assets, maintenance contracts, view tests and results that you perform on your customer's assets.

View all signed safety documentation.

Access settings via

What's Next?

Now that you're familiar with your account, it's time to add Customers, Accounts and Staff.

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