Once your team members download the FieldInsight app, you'll be able to see where they are and automatically get updates on jobs using FieldInsight's Map and GPS features.

Enable GPS Tracking

Before you can track your staff using the FieldInsight map, you have to enable GPS tracking for your account.

Click 'Settings' in the app menu on the right.

Open the 'Misc' tab.

Scroll down and check the box beside 'GPS Tracking' to enable the feature.

The FieldInsight App Map

From the 'Schedule' page in the app, click the 'Show Map' option just above your team schedule.

What opens next is a regional map that shows all the jobs in your account.

Click the 'GPS' tab, and you'll get a view of the GPS locations tracked to your team. On this tab, you can select the team members to view, and the date you'd like to track GPS data for.

Future and past jobs are recorded as 'events'. If you don't have any jobs scheduled for the day, you'll see a banner at the bottom of the screen that says 'No events recorded on this date'.

What's Next?

Find out what happens when technicians complete jobs and add an invoice to a job (if you haven't already).

You'll also want to make sure your technicians and staff know how to use FieldInsight. Send them this link so they can get familiar right away: The Scheduleflow App.

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