Adding Jobs Part One: Create and Customize

Finally the good stuff: How to add jobs in FieldInsight

Adding Jobs in FieldInsight is a crucial step to assigning team members and getting your technicians working out in the field.

We recommend adding all of your current jobs in FieldInsight as soon as possible so that you can start assigning to have members of your Team right away.

1. Access your Jobs

Click the 'Jobs' tab in your FieldInsight account main menu.

2. Click 'Add job'

About halfway down the screen, you'll see an empty list of jobs. Click 'Add job'.

The main screen for adding a new job.

3. Add or Choose the Customer

We'll start with the box that says 'Site Customer' at the top.

If you haven't added any customers to Scheduleflow, here's your chance. When creating a new job you can add a new Customer by filling in the details.

Note: You won't be able to save the customer information until you enter the Job details (the next step).

Job Details: Date, Time, Status, Type and Payment Method

Underneath the 'Site Customer' box is a section called 'Job Details'. Here's where you can enter the information for the job, such as purchase order numbers, payment methods and when the job is scheduled.

Once you get to 'Status', you'll have a drop-down menu with a few options, including 'Tentative', 'Scheduled', 'Accepted', 'Incomplete', 'Completed', 'Invoiced', and 'Cancelled'.

The 'Job types' option also has a drop-down menu, where you can choose 'Installation', 'Repairs', 'Installation', and / or 'Removal'.

Want to Add or Change the Job Types in your account?

Check out this article : Create and Edit Custom Fields and Drop-Down Menus.

Next to this drop down menu you can also pick one of four options for the Payment method: 'Account', 'Creditcard', 'Cash' or 'Cheque'.

Job Details: PO Numbers, Technicians, Notes and Repeats

Under the 'Technicians' heading, you can choose the staff member who will be assigned to the job.

You can also include notes specific to the job or technical notes, under the 'Job Note*' and 'Tech. Note' sections. If this is a job that will be repeated, choose the appropriate option under the '*Repeats' heading.

Use the Job Signature section to indicate if the customer will have to sign off on the job. If there are any attachments necessary, use the 'Add file' link under the'Attachments' heading to add those files.

Don't forget to click 'Save & close' once you've entered all of the job details!

The Jobs Screen

Once the job is created, you can access it (and all the jobs created in your account) by the 'All jobs' screen. Jobs here are listed in the order that they are scheduled. Appointments are coming up first will show up at the top.

From this screen you can edit jobs, split a job, print or delete. Each job will have a link where you can use any of these options.

Based on the job status, each job will have a different colour. Scheduled jobs display in blue, completed jobs in green, canceled jobs are red, etc.

PRO TIP: Use the FieldInsight Calendar to quickly create new jobs! Click here to find out how.

What's Next?

Find out about assigning jobs, creating recurring appointments and splitting jobs. Click here for Adding Jobs Part Two.

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