We recommend adding all of your Customers, Accounts and Suppliers in FieldInsight as soon as possible so you and your team can start working on jobs right away. Adding Customers is the most important step, adding Accounts and Suppliers is optional.

Let's get started! First we'll cover adding customers.

1. Open the 'Accounts' tab in FieldInsight

Select 'Accounts' at the top of your account screen.

PRO TIP: You can remove the green 'Getting started with FieldInsight' box by clicking the small white 'x' in the top left corner of the module.

2. Click 'Add Customer'

Open the 'Add Customer' option at the bottom of the screen.

3. Enter Customer Details

Look for the box under the heading 'Add new customer'. Enter all the customer details here, including any essential notes.

Adding an Account for Multiple Customers (Optional)

If you have multiple customers under one account, such as real estate brokerages or chain restaurants, you can add an 'Account' in FieldInsight and include each business you work with as 'Customers' under that Account.

1. Open the 'Accounts' tab in FieldInsight

This step is the same as the one before -- in FieldInsight, click 'Accounts' at the top of the screen to access 'Account customers'.

1: Click 'Accounts' in your FieldInsight dashboard.

2: Click 'Account customers'.

3: Click 'Add account customer'.

You can also add accounts toFieldInsight by clicking the '+' button beside under 'For Account Customer'. You'll find this at the top of the 'Add new customer' box whenever you're adding a new customer.

2. Enter the Account Details

Enter the Account Customer details and click the blue 'Add account customer' button at the bottom of the screen.

Whenever you get a new customer, just add their account into FieldInsight following the steps above. This will help make sure you can assign them jobs right away.

3. Assigning Customers to Accounts

Each Account you add in FieldInsight will have an option to 'Add a customer'. You'll find this on the 'Account customers' screen. Here's where you can add new customers to each of your Accounts. This works if you're adding a NEW customer only.

Adding Suppliers

The process for adding Suppliers is very similar to customers. Head over to the 'Suppliers' tab in the 'Accounts' section.

1: Click 'Accounts' (or stay in the 'Accounts' section).

2: Click 'Suppliers'.

3: Click 'Add supplier'.

Enter Supplier Details and Click 'Add Supplier'

What's Next?

Now that you've added customers and maybe some accounts and suppliers, you can Add Technicians and Schedulers to your account. These are the people who work at your company who would complete jobs for Customers and Accounts.

If you've already added Team Members, it's time to create Jobs. Click here to get started: Adding Jobs Part One: Create and Customize!

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