If you have a full day of jobs, having the extra visibility of the map planner allows you to easily schedule your jobs efficiently.

Follow these steps for the map planner to help you plan out your jobs.

Open the map planner on the left hand side menu, by clicking map and selecting planner.

In the map you can use the filters to search for your jobs. You can choose to filter your jobs by status or date.

Zoom in and out using the scroll wheel on your mouse or zoom in by double clicking on an area. As you zoom in you can see the individual jobs.

Hold the Shift button, click and drag to select several jobs in an area. Then drag these into a time slot.

Once you have added your jobs into your months, you can click on the month time slot to go into more details. You can also click on the weeks to see your schedule in a week by week basis, or select multiple time slots at once.

Click on a job to view more details.

When you hold shift and drag your job into a time slot, it will be scheduled in automatically.

Now you can easily drag and drop your jobs with the map planner.

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