Keep track of your Quotes in FieldInsight. Instantly view the status of quotes for follow-up. Setup automatic reminders to increase your conversion rate. Once accepted convert a quote to a with the click of a button to schedule a job adding the items to the job. Use our pre-built packages to save time and quickly create beautiful quotes to send to your customers

Quoting workflow

  1. Create a quote

    1. In the office with a job or without job

    2. On Mobile

    3. Use Packages to quickly add items for installations

  2. Set the recipient as the Account customer, Contact or Site customer

    1. Set custom rates for Account customers

  3. Add sections on a quote that can be turn into jobs

    1. Hide and show accepted/declined sections on quote

  4. Send the quote to the customer (Email or SMS)

    1. Attach PDF documents (brochures, specifications or other marketing material)

    2. Send automatic quote reminders

  5. Quote acceptance

    1. Allow customers to Accept quotes online and capture signatures (optional)

    2. Set the quote to Accept manually in the office

  6. Create a job from a quote or section

  7. Copy quote items to a Purchase Order

  8. Copy a quote to one or more invoice

    1. Split the quote into more than one Invoice to take partial payments

Reporting for Sales and Quoting

  1. Keep track of your sales pipeline with the Sales report

    1. Use the quote/customer owner field to allocate the sale to a sales rep

    2. Check the sales team's progress in the Sales Reportv

  2. Using the Quote statuses

  3. Manage your quote pipeline with the expected start date


  1. Configure your quote templates

  2. Configure automatic quote and invoice reminder messages

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