When you have setup your maintenance contract You can schedule all the jobs in one go from the Maintenance contract. The jobs are scheduled as individual jobs for the site ready for the technician to complete the service

Steps to schedule the jobs

Open the Maintenance Contract from the Asset dropdown and click on the contract that you want to schedule jobs for. Then click on the Schedule jobs button

On the Schedule jobs select the options for the job

  • Start date defaults to the contract start date, click on the contract start link to change the start date
  • Set the job status for the jobs

  • Set the Repeating rules for the jobs, for the monthly maintenance set the occurrence and the day, for example the 3rd Wednesday every month

  • Set the hours needed on site for the different maintenance frequencies, in this example the technician needs 24h (8h per day over 3 consecutive days) to complet the quarterly (3 month) maintenance and 8h for the weekly maintenance of all assets on site.
  • Set the job types and the technicians for each frequency

  • Add inventory items - these will be added to all jobs and frequencies
  • Click schedule jobs to add all the preventive maintenance jobs

The jobs are scheduled as callback (split) jobs. In this example we have jobs over 3 consecutive days every 3 Monthly and 1 job for 8h every week for the weekly maintenance

Learn more about Preventive Maintenance in Preventive Insight

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