Add a staff induction form for new staff to upload licences, select job types that they can do and capture signatures. Once set up the Induction is set to repeat annually, with optional reminder messages to be sent to techs and schedulers.

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Add a new staff and schedule an Induction

Open Settings - staff and click on the Add new staff button. Fill out the details for the new staff and click save. To schedule the Induction click on the induction tab and click on the Create Induction button.

This will open the job page


1. Add job statuses for technician induction

Open Settings - Job details and add a new status for Induction Complete and Induction Incomplete.

2. Enable staff induction

In settings - Misc, check show Tech induction. Select a default site, If you don't have an internal site you can leave this blank and a new internal site will be created for you. Select the statuses that you setup in step one for the complete and incomplete workflow buttons.

3. Add custom fields

Add job custom fields that you want the technician to answer on the induction form. When you add the custom field check workflow induction to show it only on the induction jobs. You can set a field as mandatory for a status and change the visibility as needed.

4. Create an induction report (Optional)

Setup a new template to generate a PDF report for the Technician Induction. Include any custom fields and images that you want to show on this report.

If you want to know more about setting up and customising report templates have a look at: Reports creating and customising

5. Setup a Triggered email to send an induction report (Optional)

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