Use the Quote performance report to track the conversion rate of your quotes and the performance of your sales reps at a glance. You can set goals and probability for quotes and check the values of accepted and sent quotes.

Click here to open the Quoted by staff report

  • The selected time period show quotes that where created during this period
  • Awaiting Acceptance show the total amount of all quotes that where in awaiting acceptance status
  • Accepted this columns includes all quotes that have been accepted

Quoting workflow to appear in this report.

Create quotes and set the probability

Create the quote for your customer, with or without a job and send it to your customer Read more about how to create quotes here

Set the Quote status to awaiting acceptance and the probability of the customer accepting this quote in the Quote details

This quote amount will show in the Awaiting Acceptance column if it was in this status at any time during the selected period.

Quote Accepted

When the quote is accepted, change the Quote status to Accepted. This quote will show in the Accepted column if the accepted date is within the selected period.

Quote Declined

Set the quote status to declined if a customer declines the quote. This will remove the Quote form the Quoted by staff report.

Create a Job for the Quote to see the job margin

When you create a job from the quote, all items on the quote are copied to the job items. When the technician goes out on site and completes the job they might need additional parts that where not quoted. Before invoicing the job you can adjust the sales price, but keep the cost for the additional items to see the margin for the job. This margin will show in the job columns on the quoted amounts report

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