When you manage a team it can get complicated to set individual service codes and rates for individual staff members. With the shift feature your team lead can create team timesheets with individual service codes for day or night shifts.


To get started add the different service codes for your technicians. If you have setup your service rates already skip to step 2.

1. Setup the service code rates in inventory

open Inventory, Services and click add Service. Enter Service item code, Purchase rate and Sales rate to add to the timesheet cost and sales item for the quote/invoice. Add one service item for each rate, for example Day shift technicians, Day shift apprentice, Night shift technician, Night Shift apprentice etc.

2. Assign a service code to the technician

Open settings - staff and click on the technicians name to edit. Scroll down to Shift and click edit shift.

In the popup add the shift as needed

Click the Add Service button select the shift and the service code to use for that shift in the dropdown. When the Team lead sets the shift the corresponding selected Service code will be used for this technician.

If no shift is selected or a timesheet is created for one technician the default service code will be used, the service code can be changed manually for individual technicians timesheets.

Select shift on mobile - Team lead only

On a job click on the Timesheet link

Click add team time in the bottom right corner

Set the start and end time for the timesheet, select the shift and click save

Note: a technician needs to be set to team lead to be able to add timesheets for a team.

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