Adding Expenses to FieldInsight can help you to keep track of costs associated with your jobs. Here's how to add and edit expenses in your account.

The Expenses Tab

There aren't any sample expenses in this section of your account, but you can add as many expenses as you need by clicking the 'Add expenses +' button.

Editing Categories and Statuses

For your expenses, you can create and editing categories and statuses by clicking the 'Edit categories' or 'Edit statuses' buttons at the top. Like the 'Services' tab, this section allows you to indicate if an expense item has a specific category or status.

Some categories you could add for expenses could be 'Maintenance', 'Training' or 'Travel'. Some statuses you could add for expenses could be 'Paid' or 'Not Paid'.

Editing and Creating Expense Items

When creating or editing an expense item, you can update the category of the expense (if you've added categories for expenses), the expenses item code, description, purchase order notes (PO Notes), purchase amount, price and if tax is added to the expense.
Adding New Expense

Editing an Expense Item

Adding a New Expense Item

Once you've finished updating the expense don't forget to click 'Save item'!

What's Next?

If you haven't already, check out managing your products or services inventory.

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