Keep track of where your items are, where items are manufactured and the status of each item in FieldInsight. 

Once you add manufacturers and warehouses to your account, you can update items to indicate which manufacturer they are from, and the warehouse they are located in.

Editing Warehouses

Click the 'Edit warehouses' button to update the warehouses for your products. Add the warehouse name in the 'New item' box and click the '+ Add' button. Select a warehouse in the list (if there is one) and click the pencil icon to edit the name of the warehouse.

Editing Manufacturers

Editing and adding manufacturers can be done the same way as editing and adding warehouses. You can add manufacturers, change the name of manufacturers and if you have more than one manufacturer change the order of manufacturers in your list.

Editing Item Statuses

Adding an item status allows technicians to update the item if they add it to a job. 

Before adding statuses to your account, we recommend updating your account settings so that Technicians can change the status of items. Click here for instructions on how to do this.

Adding or editing product item statuses is completed in the same way that you would add or edit warehouses and manufacturers. 

What's Next?

Once you have your warehouses, manufacturers and item statuses it's time to add products and inventory.

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