The project profit report will give you an overview of the profitability of your project. The report compares your budget (quoted amount) against the costs for a project split into job types, or project stages. 

  • Only approved quotes in the accepted status are included on the profit report
  • Only approved purchase orders are included on the profit report
  • Timesheets must have the project number added to be included on the report
  • Product items added on a job for the project, are included in the job products column, but service items on jobs are not included as service hours are added in the timesheet cost column

Split your profit report into job types

Set job types for item on the sales documents that you create for a project to break down the cost into different job types, or stages in the Project profit report. 

Set job types for items

To set the job type for an item select the job type in the dropdown for each item on the quote or purchaser order.

KPI Budget column

The KPI budget column show the percentage of the quoted amount used, so you want this to always be below 100%, when this goes over 100% it means your project is loosing money. When a project is loosing money and the costs are higher than the quoted amount the KPI budget column goes red.

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