How to add a timesheet on mobile

There's a few different ways to add a timesheet on the mobile app. You can simply click the start button on a job or add a manual timesheet with or without a project or job.

1. Login to 

2. Open the job and click the green start button on the right to start a timer. Click finish to add the time to the job. 

3. Click on Add time to add time manually with or without a job or project

Fill  in the timesheet and click save at the bottom to save the timesheet

Submit your timesheets

Click on the Timesheets link on the weekly or Daily view to show your timesheets for the week/day

Check the timesheets before submitting as they can't be changed once submitted. Make changes by clicking on the timesheet. When you're happy, click submit at the bottom of the screen to submit your timesheets. 

When your timesheet has been submitted you can no longer change your timesheets.

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