With packages you can specify a kit or bundle of items that can be added to a quote or invoice. The items can be priced individually for the package without changing the price on the inventory item.

Create your packages

To get started, add a package to you inventory .Click on Inventory and select Packages. Click on the add package button

In the popup, build your package by adding items from your inventory. Adjusting the pricing of each items for the package. The item pricing on a package is separate from the pricing in the inventory, if the purchase price change you need to update the price separately on the package. Click save to save your package.

Please note that items are priced separately on a package from inventory and updating the purchase and sales price on an item in inventory will not update the pricing of the item on the package. So when you add items from a package to a quote or invoice the pricing comes from the package not from the inventory.

Add a package to a quote

Packages can be added to quotes and invoices from desktop or mobile. On desktop, create your quote or invoice in the Sales section. In the items section on the quote or invoice click on the + item button and select package. Choose the package to add from the code dropdown. 

Click on the blue arrow to the left of the package name to show/hide the items in the package. 

Modify the package on the quote as needed, add items to a package by clicking on the orange + Package item link, this will not change the package as saved in inventory, just on this quote. Update the pricing for each items on the package. Change quantity and price for the individual items or for the entire package. When the quantity is updated for the package - the quantity for all items inside the package are calculated accordingly.

Sending the Quote or Invoice to the customer

The package items will not be visible on the PDF quote or invoice for the customer, only the package heading will show as setup on the template. The example below is only showing the description.

Create a job from the quote to add all the items to the job

When a quote is accepted, create a job from the quote to add all the items to the job. You can create a job using the create job button at the bottom of the quote or the quick-link in the more... dropdown under the quote number on the quote list page. 

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