If you have jobs that keeps going over several days, you can schedule an ongoing job. Unlike a callback (split) job where each job visit is treaded as a new job, an ongoing job shares all job details except workers.  

Ongoing jobs have 

  • The same job number for each visit
  • Shared inventory - changes on one visit updates all
  • Quotes, Invoices, Reports and Purchase orders are linked to one visit

Schedule an ongoing job

Add a job as usual, or save an existing job as ongoing. You can make a job ongoing from the yellow hover over . or from the job save menu:

Save a job as ongoing in the Save & close dropdown

Save a job as ongoing in the yellow hover over box in the schedule or any job list

Select a time in the schedule for the next visit and add workers. 

Check all the visits for the ongoing job in the job - visit tab:

Projects and ongoing jobs

Drag a job on a project to the + to create a new ongoing job visit for that day, with the same technicians allocated to the job.

Tip: if you don't want to use ongoing jobs, you can hide the ongoing jobs option in the job save menu. Just uncheck Enable ongoing jobs in Settings - Misc

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