Before you can add a SWMS to a job you need to setup your SWMS template documents, see the Setup a SWMS template article for how to add your templates

Add the SWMS template to a job

1. Schedule a job

2. On the job page, select the SWMS template in the SWMS dropdown

3. Save

When you save the job, the technicians assigned to the job will be asked to sign this SWMS when opening the job. Technicians can update the SWMS as needed. When a SWMS document is updated all technicians are asked to sign it again. 

4. Check the SWMS

Click on Safety in the top navigation to check who's signed and to download the latest version

All signed version can also be found on the job - SWMS tab.

Click on versions to see and download all signed versions


Capture SWMS signatures

Review and check signature

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