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Setup a SWMS document

1. Create a SWMS template

In Settings - Templates - SWMS click Add template

Name your template - this is the name your technicians will click on to sign this SWMS. Click create to create the SWMS document

Check the documents as default to add it automatically for new jobs

2. Add your business details

The SWMS template use placeholder, the same as our other templates and you can add business and job details using the placeholders ate the bottom of the page. 

  • Start by adding your header or logo under upload your logo, click on choose file to add your header or logo to the document

  • Add detail as needed in the title, top left, middle and right section. There also a centre section for more notes

3. Add questions to your SWMS

Click on add question group to get started

The questions in the SWMS document can be pre-filled but also change by the worker on site. The questions are arranged in groups, where each group can have several questions or statements. There are four types of question groups

Each question group has a name (heading for the group) and description to fill out. The questions added to a group will appear under this heading when displayed to the workers. You can delete or move question groups up and down using the links to the right of the question type.

See details about each types of question groups below.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

The Personal Protective Equipment or PPE option adds a PPE section where workers can check what protective equipment they are using on the job. The PPE section is automatically filled out with the available options, you can add, remove and change any items on the list as needed. 

  • Use the links to the right of the question to delete and move the question within the question group.

  • Click on + Add question to add another question to the question group

Click on add question group to add a new section to your SWMS 

Hazard (step, hazard, risk, control)

This is the bulk part of the SWMS document where each step is documented with potential hazards, risks and control measures. The steps are arrange in hierarchal
order, and can be moved and deleted as required. 

  • Enter a process step

  • Enter a sub-step

  • Enter a potential hazard

  • Select the Pre risk rating from Low - Extreme by clicking on the ----

  • Enter a control measure

  • Select the Post risk rating from Low - Extreme by clicking on the ----

  • Enter the person responsible to action this control measure

  • You can add more hazards and control measures as needed, just click +Add hazard / control measure


Use the checklist type to add checkbox questions for the workers to answer.  

Custom field (optional)

This is for any additional fields that you want to add to your SWMS document, such as notes, and additional signatures, such as customers signatures. All technicians assigned to the job will be asked to sign the SWMS document. 

4. Additional information (optional)

There's another area at the bottom of the SWMS document where you can add any text and placeholders as needed. The text area is divided into a left and right section

Add a footer to the end of the SWMS document. Click choose file to upload your footer

Click save to save your SWMS document


Add a SWMS to a job

Capture SWMS signatures

Review and check signature

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