This is a premium feature available on our ProfessionalINSIGHT plan. If you cannot see these settings you need to upgrade your subscription to enable the Smart Timesheets feature. Contact us on +61 3 9005 7144 or on the chat in the bottom right hand corner.


Enable Smart Timesheets 

In settings - Misc select what status you want to set when technicians click the start button on a job

In settings - system fields
Show the overtime 1.5x and 2x rate and the travel start time fields for the scheduler 

Start button

When the technician clicks the start button on a job it automatically 

  • Sets the job status as selected in settings
  • Adjust the start time of job on the schedule
  • Calculates the off job time

Finish button

When the technician clicks Finish 

  • They are asked to select a job status
  • The end time of the job is adjusted to the current time
  • The start and end time is adjusted for all technicians on the job

The timesheet

The Technicians timesheet for the day is calculated automatically by these rules:

  • After 4h of work a 30min lunch break is deducted
  • After 8h of work time is added as 1.5x overtime
  • After 9h of work time is added as 2.0x overtime
  • Off job time is added from travel time and between jobs


Send SMS reminder to technicians to submit timesheets

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