Xero Troubleshooting

Q1) FieldInsight to Xero invoice export error message:
"The existing contact with name ‘N1’ cannot be updated to use new name ‘N2’. There is an existing contact with that name.”
"Another contact has this contact number. Please enter a different contact number."

These errors appear when you change the name of a contact in FieldInsight and try to export an invoice with that contact to Xero. You need to change the contact back to original name.

[Alternate solution steps:
i) Create new customer 'Test customer for Xero Sync.' / 'Test Account-Customer for Xero Sync.' in FieldInsight. Replace (change) the customer of FieldInsight invoice with 'Test Customer for Xero Sync.' before exporting to Xero.
ii) Export the invoice to Xero
iii) Change customer of that Invoice back to original in Xero & FieldInsight after the sync.

[Note: An entirely new customer 'Test customer for Xero Sync.' has to be created for this workaround.]

How do I resolve this error : "This invoice is locked by Xero because it has an invalid status for modification."

This error appears when there's an FI invoice with same number that is already voided in Xero.
Solution is to create a copy of FI Invoice and export the copy to Xero.

Q3) Error: Xero is not authorized. Authorize.
Click ‘Authorize’ link in the error message & re-login to Xero.

Q4) Error: The document DueDate field must be specified.
Resolution:   Ensure that the invoice being exported to Xero has a Due date.

Q5) Error: One or more line items must be specified.
A blank invoice without any billable item cannot be exported to Xero. At least one billable line item for service/product must be there in the invoice.

Q6) Error: Payments can only be made against Authorised documents
Click 'Approve' button on FieldInsight invoice page after adding payment and then export the invoice to Xero.
[Note: Export of invoice with payment can only be done once, as Xero does not allow re-export if there's Payment data against an invoice.]

MYOB Troubleshooting

Q1) 'Invalid Company File' error
This error is due to wrongCompany File login password. MYOB setup involves entry of login credentials at 2 stages: 

  1. Primary Cloud server access and 
  2. Company/Data file access.  If you cannot find current Company File password, you have to take MYOB support help to reset theCompany File password.

Q2) Error:  SaleEventLine_ItemSoldRequired (ItemId:(SaleEventItemLine))
This error appears when MYOB Sale flag is not selected for Products/ Services item(s).
Go to FieldInsight Main Menu-> Inventory-> Products/ Services->
Click 'Edit' link for invoiced item->
Scroll to ‘MYOB Options’->
Select checkbox 'I sell this item' and
Choose 'Income account' from drop-down list->
'Save item'.
Repeat this for all items listed in concerned invoice.

Q3) Error:BusinessEvent_DateOccurred_BeforeConversionMonth
Business logic in AccountRight prevents importing or keying in transactions dated prior to the start of the current Financial Year. Resolution:
Change the Invoice date to be after the start of the financial year.

Q4) Error: Insufficient stock quantity for inventory item
Add necessary stock and re-try sync. 

Alternatively, go to FieldInsight Main Menu-> Inventory-> Products/ Services->
Click 'Edit' link for invoiced item->
Scroll to ‘MYOB Options’->
Un-check 'I inventory this item' check-box and
Clear 'Asset account' to bypass stock validation. 

Q5) Error: BusinessLine_AccountRequired
Account customer or Site customer has to be entered in FieldInsight invoice.

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