You can add a company signature and logo to all outgoing emails from FieldInsight. Once set up your signature will automatically be added to all emails, including instant, reminder and triggered emails to staff, customers and account customers. To add your signature follow the 4 steps below:

1. Click on Settings - Email & SMS - Signature

2. Add your signature

Use placeholders to customise your signature or simply type your signature in the body field

3. Add your logo

Add the URL for your logo to the Logo field. 

To find the URL for your logo, open your website and right click on the logo. Select copy image address or URL. Then simply paste this URL in the logo field. 

The logo should be visible under the Logo field, if you can't see your logo here the URL is not correct. 

4. Click save to save your signature.

This signature will now be added to all emails sent from FieldInsight, including all emails to staff, customers and account customers. Please note that the signature cannot be edited when sending instant messages, it will not be visible when editing messages and will only be added when you click send. You can send a test email to yourself to see your signature in an email. 

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