Groups are handy when you have a need to segment Technicians in a way that is not directly related to Job Type.  This may be based on variables such as 

  • Location (if you dont use the Region feature)
  • Specialist activities
  • Contractor
  • Apprentice etc

Using groups to manage staff allows faster scheduling decisions.  Groups are accessible from the Staff section in Settings.

Create a new Group

To create a new group, simply scroll to bottom of any Staff member profile to locate the Technician details

  • Click Edit
  • In the new New Item section name the Group and Click 'Add'
  • You will now have that option in the Staff profile.


  • The same as create a group, you can click 'Edit' to rename the group; bear in mind any Technicians assigned to this group will now be associated with the new name

Delete a Group

If you delete a Group and their are Technicians assigned, they will still stay associated to the Group, it is advisable to move any Technicians on to a new group if you want to delete an entire Group.

Note: If you regularly suspend staff members please note that any group they belong to will remain unless you remove them from it,

To add a staff member to a existing group

Assign a Staff member to a Group

  • Select Edit on the Staff profile and scroll to the Technician details section
  • Tick the Group that is relevant for this Technician
    NB:  The Technician can belong to more than one group
  • Click Save Staff

The next time you schedule a job and select 'Group' in the calendar view.

You can still use the Job Type to refine a Technician selection.

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