Asset Testing is a feature that can be enabled to support businesses that regularly complete testing on customer assets and need a way to capture test outcomes as well as report.


Asset management and testing is available on AssetINSIGHT . If you cannot see Asset management in your settings you need to upgrade your plan to get access to this feature. Contact us on +61  3 9005 7144 or on the chat in the bottom right corner to learn more. These asset tests are also used for Preventive Maintenance available on the PreventiveINSIGHT

Pre step

If you're already using Asset management, go to step 1, if not have a look at how to get started with Asset management before setting up asset tests. 

Set up the asset test

1. Click on Asset tests and select tests to create an Asset test

Click on + Add test button to set up a new test

Click add test and name your test. This is the name that your technicians in the field will click on to start the test. Click save.

2. Set the test details and defaults for Preventive Maintenance

  • Select if this test is for all asset types or if it is for a particular asset type - You can select more than type if needed. Note: if you select a particular asset type, this test will not appear for the other assets. If you need to know how to create and add asset type click HERE

  • Select if you want to capture the technician's signature for the test, if checked Technicians will be asked to sign when they save the asset test

  • For Preventive Maintenance, Set the default Frequency for this test (for example monthly for a monthly service test) when this test is added to a contract the test will have this frequency by default.

  • For Preventive Maintenance, Select a Short name to identify this test on the PM contracts (optional)

Click save to save this test

3. The Next Step is to add in your questions

Click on + Add question

In the popup type your question name in the Field name

4. Select field type

Select the type of field you want for the technician to answer this question. The field options are the same as for our custom fields, see: Custom field types

For more information about custom fields see: custom fields and drop down menus create and edit options

Click add question to save your question

5. Select if this is a question for your workers or schedulers

Select if you want your workers to be able to view and edit this file, if you want your technicians to answer this question, keep both boxes checked.

6. Save and add another question

Click add question to save the question. Click on + Add question again to add another question.

7. Reorder your questions

You can move the questions up and down using the Up and down arrows to the left of the questions

8. Click save to save your test

Click the orange save button under your test name to save the test and questions

This test is now ready to be completed in the field. The test results will appear under Asset - Test Results when they have been completed by the technician in the field.

Setup grid questions and default answers

To Add a question grid to your test follow steps 1-3 above then in step 4 select Grid from the field type dropdown. click save to open the Grid options popup.

Questions - Add the checklist questions in the Row section

Type the question or item to check and click enter

The rows showing here will be your question in the asset test

Dropdown answers - And the answer options in the column section

Type the heading for the column and click enter to bring up the answer options

Select the field type, dropdown or text for the answer. Select text to have a plain text fiels for adding free text, o

When selecting dropdown you need to select an option group or if this is your first grid setup, click on Add/Edit to add a new dropdown group.

In the Grip Option group popup, type a name for the new group and click enter.

In the Grid Options popup, add the dropdown options that the technician will select as the answer, such as Pass or Fail. Click add or enter

Grid dropdown answers

This opens the options for this answer, where you can select to set this as default - this is optional if you want to make the questions in the grid mandatory, leave this unchecked

Raise a Defect

If you select Raise defect selecting this answer on the test will trigger a defect to be raised on the test against the asset. To learn more about defect see asset defect

Background colour

Select a colour for this option, this will show the colour on the PDF for the customer

Comments or free text answers - And another column

Add a second column by typing the heading in the New item field and click + Add

In the popup set Field type to text

Check Required if you want to make this field mandatory for technicians

and click save

Asset test status (optional)

If needed you can add statuses for your asset tests that technicians and schedulers can set when completing and checking tests. To add a test status click on settings on the right and in the popup add your statuses. You can select one status to be set by default.

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