Create a rate quote and set the rates for an account customer. Start from an existing quote or create a new one.

1. Create the rate quote

Click on Sales and select quotes in the top navigation menu

Click on Add rate quote to get started, this will create a quote with all your pump rates

TIP: you can also copy an existing Quote and then tweak the sales prices as needed. select copy on the quote and uncheck copy jobs across to new statement when you copy the quote. 

2. Select customer

At the top of the quote select the customer to set rates for, select if you want to use an account or site customer and then select your customer from the dropdown. 

To setup a new customer see add customers, account and suppliers

3. Set the rates for the customer

Scroll down to the inventory section and update the pricing. You can also add and remove rows as needed. 

4. Send the quote to the customer

When you're done with the pricing, download the quote as a PDF to see what it will look like and to print it. You can also email the quote to the customer. 

Before you send your first quote, make sure that you have added you company logo to the quote template. You can edit the quote template in settings, here's an article on how to customise your quote template.

5. Set customer rates

The rates on this quote will now be used for the account customer. However a quote on the project level will be used if there is one and a quote on a site will trump the quote on the account customer and the project level. 

If you create a new quote for the same customer with the same items the rates on the latest quote will be used. 

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