To update your quote templates, head to the settings section of your account (click 'Settings' in the upper right-side menu and select the 'Templates' tab, then click on quotes. Click on 'Add template' to add a new template. We have added an Original Template that you use as a base, if you only have one quote template you can click on this to edit it instead of adding a new.

1.  Name your template 

Choose a name for your template and mark if it going to be the default template that you use for your quotes. 

2. Adding Your Company Header

Click on 'Upload Your Logo' section should be near the top. Click the 'Choose File' button to find and upload the file for your logo. This should be an image file, in JPEG or PNG format, if you select a long header image it will fill the width of the quote. Keep the image around 200-300px heigh as a guide.

3. Add placeholders to your quote

Use the placeholders at the bottom of the page when adding content to your quote to insert job and pricing details. You can add or remove sections as needed, starting with the section above the inventory. 

3. Add the inventory section to your quote

Select what you want to show in the inventory section. 

  • Show job images will include all the images added on the job, without a heading. 
  • Show custom job images will include images added under custom headings (for example before job and after job images). To find out how to include images under custom headings see this article on how to set-up job photo's in document templates

Select which columns to show in the inventory

4. Optional extras: add assets and text under your inventory

  • Check 'show assets' to show a detailed list of all the assets on the job. 
  • Add any text and placeholders in the two sections under the inventory, such as payment information or quote terms. 
  • The text added in customer notes can be edited before you send your quote on the edit quote page. For example if you want to include detail specific to the job.  

Edit the customer notes on the quote page before sending the quote

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