As your business grows and you take on more complicated jobs you might find yourself moving into managing projects rather than jobs. With our Project Management feature you can manage projects over multiple sites and link jobs or job series to the projects. 

1. Enable Project Management

If you haven't used project management before you need to turn it on in settings - Misc:

2. Add your first project

1. Click on Accounts in the main menu navigation and select projects

2. click on add project to setup a new project, then fill out the detail for your project

  • Name your project
  • Select a customer for your project (for more information about adding customer have a look at the add customers article)
  • Select start and end date for your project
  • Set the status and type for your project - you can edit these in settings - job details -project status
  • Add notes about the project (optional)
  • Check the retention bock if you take retention on the project¬†
  • Click next to save your project

3. Add sites to your project

You can add existing site from your site customers or add a new site

  • if adding an existing site you'll get a list of all your sites, with a search at the top to search for a site.
  • If adding a new site you'll get a page to add details for your new site - this site will be added to your site customer list and can be used on all other pages when you can add sites.

3. Add a job

Use the link under the site to add a job to that site

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