Do you need to record additional information on your Assets? With the Asset custom fields you can add any fields that you need to your assets, including text, images, signatures, and more

How to add custom fields to assets

  1. Click on settings - custom fields
  2. Scroll down to Assets
  3. Click on add asset field
  4. Add a Field Name
  5. Select field type, here's a list with the different filed types and what they will look like:

 6. Select visibility of the asset field. Select if you want tit to show for only selected asset types, schedulers, senior schedulers, technicians and/or customers (On the PDF report)

7. Click add new field
 8. Edit the field options (if any) such as the items to add to the dropdown list and click on the x to close the popup
 9. You can reorder your custom fields using the up and down arrows
 10. To edit or delete a custom field click on the blue links under the field

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