Export options can be found in the Customers, Account, Jobs, Inventory and Statements sections of your FieldInsight account.

The Export button can be found near the top of each page.

Export button on the 'Customer Accounts' page.

Export Options: Found, Selected and All

If you want to export a subgroup of your account information, such as all customers in a specific state or jobs for one customer, you can search for the customer using the app's search, and select the 'Export' button.

In the menu that shows up, select 'Found' to export all the customers that the app found in the search.

To just export selected groups, check the box beside each item you want to export. Click the 'Export' button and click 'Selected'.

Note that if you're not searching for specific items, or if you haven't checked the box beside any items, the only option you'll be able to choose in the export menu is 'All'.

Wondering why you can't click 'Found' and 'Selected'?

Note that you won't be able to export 'Found' or 'Selected' items unless either option applies for the page.

You can click 'Found' if you searched for items in FieldInsight and the app found results. You can click 'Selected' if you checked boxes beside any of the items listed on the page.

Exporting to CSV or MYOB

Once you've chosen what you want to export, choose how you want the data exported. Generally, there are two options: Export to MYOB or Export to CSV.

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Exporting Statements

If you're exporting your account invoices, you'll see a new export option: 'Export to XERO'. If you have a Xero account, this is where you can integrate and transfer your invoices.

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