After a job is completed, invoices can be created and sent directly from the FieldInsight app (if you've set this permission in your account).

You'll know the status of a job has changed because the color will change inside the 'Jobs' section of your account.

Completed jobs in FieldInsight are green. Scheduled jobs are blue.

Inventory Updates on Completed Jobs

If the technician who completed the job updated the inventory or hours, you will see this information under the Inventory Summary in 'Job Details'.

How to Know if an Invoice has been Sent

When an invoice is sent from FieldInsight it's updated automatically inside the app. Each invoice has a checkbox in the 'Details' section under a heading that says 'Sent'.

If the invoice has been sent to the customer, either through the mobile app or the desktop app, that box will be checked automatically.

What's Next?

If an invoice hasn't been added to the job already, now is a good time to do so. Or you can send the invoice to your customer.

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