In the 'Inventory' tab, you can add any items that are commonly used for jobs (and that customers would pay for). You can also add the services that are specific to what you offer.

PRO TIP: If a Technician or Scheduler on your team adds a product to a job, the invoice created for that job will automatically update to reflect the cost of that item, as long as it's added to your account!


When you first open the 'Inventory' tab in your account, you're in the 'Products' section.

You may see a couple items already added to your account -- these are samples and can be updated to reflect your company items, or deleted (check the box beside the item you want to delete and click the 'Delete' button).

For each product, you can update the Manufacturer, Code, Description, Purchase Price, Margin Percentage, Sales Price, Stock, Min Stock and Order Stock.

An example of how products are listed in your account.

Service Items

Service items work the same way as products -- for each service item, you can update the Category, Code, Description, Purchase Rate and Sales Rate.

Each item is considered one hour, so when a service item is added to a job, the number of hours can be updated to reflect the time a technician spent on the job.

Technicians can control this through the FieldInsight app. If they use the 'Actual Timesheet' feature inside the app, FieldInsight will track the time they spent and automatically update the job as necessary.

You may already have a few call service items in your account set up as examples of what service items you might want to have available to Schedulers and Technicians. Feel free to update these items, or delete them so you can create your own.

What's Next?

There are a few updates that you might want to make to your account to help make your workflow easier, like adding your logo and updating your team schedule. Click here to find out how you can customize your account.

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