Adding Staff will allow you to assign jobs to people on your team. We recommend adding all of your team members as soon as possible so that you can start assigning jobs right away.

1. Open the 'Staff' section 

From your Dashboard, select 'Staff' at the top of your account screen (in the menu on the right).

2. Click 'Add Staff'

Open the 'Add Staff' option that's above the list of team members currently in your account (you'll probably only see one member listed, yourself).

3. Add Staff Member Details

Look for the box under the heading 'Add new staff'. Enter all the staff member details here. You can also set a password for your staff member.

Above is an example of how to create a 'Technician' account.

At the bottom of the 'Add new staff' box, you can uncheck 'Random password' to create a password for the user. You can also indicate if this staff member is a 'Technician' or 'Scheduler'. You can choose either or both options.
Note:  Someone with both Technician & Scheduler role has permissions above a Technician but can also be assigned jobs and see in the Mobile App.

4. 'Technician', 'Scheduler', or Both


If you choose 'Technician' for the staff member, you'll have the below options:

Weekly Availability (mini calendar)
You can use the mini calendar to put in leave days/unavailable times - refer Mark Staff Unavailable

Assign the relevant Job types
Review each job type and mark whether the technician is qualified to do by checking the box.  In the above example all are ticked but if they were not qualified for installation then that would be un-ticked.

Important:  Ensure that staff members are marked as being qualified/available for a job type.  Refer Technician Availability status


If you work off regions, then select what region this staff member can cover.  This will also be visible when selecting a technician to assign a job.


If you choose a Color for the staff member, you'll be able to see where they're located throughout the day in the FieldInsight Map GPS section.  This is also the flag colour on the job box on the Schedule.


If you choose 'Scheduler' for the staff member, a box will display with more options for you to choose from.

Check the options that you would like activated for this team member. Do not forget to click the 'Create staff' button at the bottom of the screen.

Seeing all Staff Members

Once the staff member has been added, you will see them listed under 'Available staff' in your account. Under the 'Technician' heading, you will see a small flag in the color chosen when you created the staff member.

If you indicated this staff member was a 'Scheduler', you'll see a check mark under the appropriate heading.

Whenever you get a new staff member, just add them to your FieldInsight account following the steps above. This will help make sure you can assign the team member jobs right away.

Feel free to add as many staff members as possible!

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What's Next?

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