Log into FieldInsight by navigating to app.fieldinsight.com. Enter the username and password you used to create your account.

Your first step in getting acquainted with your FieldInsight account is reviewing your account dashboard (no worries -- it's pretty simple).


The Top (Black/White) Menu covers the main areas of functionality.  These can be accessed at any time from where-ever you are.

At the top-left is your main Calendar view, just click here whenever you want to get back to the Calendar view.

On the far Right hand side is Job Search and Mobile App.

If you enter customer name or job number in the search field and press enter, matched results will appear. 

Mobile App will open the App view for the Technician view.  Note:  this will only occur if your role is both Scheduler and Technician.

The rest of the menu item allow you to access the Core feature set of FieldInsight.

Main Menu Items - High level overview


Includes Customers (Site), Assets, Account Customer, Projects and Supplier groupings.


 You can access All jobs (anchored to todays date) 


Give you the ability to view jobs, technicians and complete tracking events (GPS).


Managed your Product, Services and Expense items that can be included on Quotes and Invoices.

Sales (previously Statements):

Create invoices, quotes, purchase order, reports or run the performance report.  

Role Types within FieldInsight

There are three types of accounts that can be created in FieldInsight: Administration (called 'Admin' for short), Schedulers and Technicians.


  • Can create, edit and delete accounts for Schedulers and Technicians.
  • Can create, edit and delete jobs, and assign staff to jobs.
  • Can create, edit and delete Customers, Account Customers and Inventory.
  • Have unrestricted access to the FieldInsight application.


  • May be able to delete jobs (if an Admin allows).
  • May have access to FieldInsight account settings (if allowed).
  • Do not have access to the FieldInsight mobile app.
  • Have restricted access to the FieldInsight app.


  • Cannot create, edit or delete jobs.
  • Do not have access to the FieldInsightaccount or account settings.
  • Have access to the FieldInsight mobile app.
  • Can update the status on jobs assign to them, and send text messages to customers through the mobile app.

What's the difference between Schedulers and Technicians?

Schedulers have access to the FieldInsight calendar and can book technicians on jobs. They can also edit jobs, such as the location, time, and they can send messages to the technician and / or customer.

Technicians cannot book or edit jobs that are not assigned to them. They can update the status on their jobs, for example, changing status to 'Completed' or 'Incomplete'.

Searching for Customers, Jobs, Invoices and More

You can search in each section for jobs, accounts, inventory and statements. In any of these sections a search bar will show up at the top of the content of the page.

This is a simple search -- in each section the app will look at the customer's name, addresses and other general information.

What's Next?

Now that you're familiar with your account, it's time to add Customers, Accounts and Staff.

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