In the Job Details section, you can send reminders via email, SMS or both to the Customer, Technician and / or Scheduler for each job. This section will show up if you're creating a new job, or if you choose a job to Edit.

Check the Recipient, Message Type and When to Send

Check the box of the contact you'd like to send the reminder to. The options to choose from are Customer, Technicians, and Scheduler.

In the drop down menu beside the checkbox, choose if you'd like to send them an email, SMS message or both. The options to choose from here are 'Email', 'SMS' or 'Email & SMS'.

Next to the type of message is another box where you can choose when to send messages. The choices in this box are 'Minutes', 'Hours', 'Days', 'Months' or 'Years'.

If you choose '1 Hours' for a customer reminder, the customer will get a reminder one hour before the job time.

Creating & Editing Messages

Click the 'Create/edit' link beside the 'Email/SMS messages' heading. A new screen will open up where you can edit the messages that Customers and Technicians receive about the job.

Check the box beside 'edit' to update the email and text messages as you need. Don't forget to save your changes!

What's Next?

Now your job is complete. The next step is up to the technician or staff member who goes out on the job.

You can track where your staff is using the map in the app, and when a job is finished, your technician can mark the job complete and send out an invoice.

You can change the message templates in settings

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